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Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy (1997)

2:19 my favorite- love this song

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Hello Kitty gravestone!





19th Century Library Filled by 350 000 Books

👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 literary porn. And fairy tales coming true.

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Theme song from Hello Kitty’s Paradise (1999-2000)


They’re an itty, bitty, pretty kitty family
But even though they’re kitties,
they’re like you and me

Sanrio is trying to fuck with everyone because in their own cartoon series, Hello Kitty is always identified as being a fucking CAT.  So fuck you Sanrio. Rectify that shit

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On the “Hello Kitty is NOT a cat” revelation

Since the introduction of Charmmy Kitty in 2004 (Hello Kitty’s pet kitty), I have thought about how this seemingly endless chain of animal slavery inherent in the Hello Kitty Universe (most Sanrio characters have ‘pets’) could be a reflection of corporate consumer control in a post-modern Japan (**a joke/ sort of see Mukoku) … but now I have to shake off those ridiculous notions and start again. Fuck you Sanrio, she is a cat. Change her back.

Whats next? Hitler wasn’t evil?

Sanrio's Shocking Reveal: Hello Kitty Is NOT A Cat




I’ve been living a lie.

I knew that she was British, but I did not know that she was a little girl…

Do you not feel lied too?

Its fucking bullshit! Her name is “Hello Kitty” because she is a fucking CAT. But, HK as a little girl silences the whole “Charmmy Kitty as a slave” debate. Why do anthropologists have to go and fuck up my perception of Hello Kitty?

The world was simpler when I believed Hello Kitty to be this extremely friendly, slave-owning British white cat. Now my world is torn apart. Thanks Sanrio.